What I'm doing now

Teaching myself to code:

  • Diving deep into coding
  • Udacity’s Intro to Javascript
  • Gordon Zhu’s Watch and Code
  • Eloquent Javascript online

NFC Hacked

It’s not a matter of if, but when. Banks regularly get hacked and spend untold billions of dollars and man-hours preventing hackers. Tech companies haven’t had to do this. Sure a virus or security issue pops up, but tech companies have never been in charge of consumers’ cards and money until now. It’s one thing to lose your email password, entirely another thing to not have money to buy food!

Both Apple and Google have millions of credit card numbers. Hackers could infiltrate where the cards are stored and steal the information that way. NFC hasn’t been hacked of yet (Google did have a wallet issue a few years back they quickly fixed) and the scary part is how the hackers will gain access through NFC. Drive-by, and “spoofing” seem to be the consesus on how to hack NFC, but I bet there is a vulnerability which we aren’t aware of yet! Definitely be interesting to see how sending credit card information through radio frequencies plays out.

Whole-Food Plant-Based one year later

I had my vitals taken in May 2018 before going whole-food plant-based. The results of a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet are ASTOUNDING!

  1. I weighed 217 pounds in May of 2018, I now weigh 180 a loss of 37 POUNDS!!!
  2. Total cholesterol was 199 now 111. HEART ATTACK PROOF!!
  3. Triglycerides were 215 now 58, absolutely incredible.
  4. Waist was 40 inches now 33, loss of 7 inches.
  5. BMI 30.3 now 25.1 very close to a healthy weight range.
  6. Blood pressure 138/83 now 144/86. Unfortunately blood pressure was higher and I’ll fix this with food. Two teaspoons of ground flax in the morning and a cup of Hibuscus tea after every meal should do the trick.


Sunday October 21st, I completed the same 26.2 mile journey Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of a military victory against the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. I can relate how he dropped dead delivering the news. A marathon is no joke. The morning was absolutely perfect temperature without wind with the sunrise lighting up the mountains of Ojai, CA. I cruised through the first half without stopping, running a 9:18 minute mile pace. It felt fantastic. The pain started to kick in around mile 15. I started to walk a bit to catch a breather. Then, shooting lower back pain and the intense desire to sit down. I felt I needed to lie down immediately after the back pain. After that, brutal pain in my left knee. I’ve never felt anyting like this before. I shuffled, walked, shuffled until about mile 25. It was quite painful to walk the remainder of the race. On the last mile, I had a second wind and was able to run to finish up the race. It took me 5 hours and 30 minutes to complete it. Here are a few takeaways:

  1. I have a newfound respect for Marathon finishers and an even higher respect for ultra runners.
  2. It takes a long, long time to prepare for a marathon and beyond.
  3. For now I’m definitely in the “One and done” category but this could potentially change.
  4. My favorite distance is the half marathon and I will focus on this distance for future runs.
  5. I can cross this off my bucket list
  6. Endurance events draw very interesting and cool people.
  7. I’m proud of myself as I’m in a category that less than 1% of Americans fall into.
  8. Definitely more of a fan of trail races for the future and bike rides.

Whole food plant-based diet

It’s been a month since I switched to a whole food plant-based diet. It’s been very interesting. A few observations

  1. I went a day without coffee on a Sunday. I haven’t gone a day without coffee EVER. This is crazy.
  2. Sometimes I crave wine or beer. These cravings really subsided. It’s weird. Now I have a hard time finishing a glass of wine. My coffee sits on my desk and I rarely finish it. I’ll be at the store and a 6 pack of beer repulses me.
  3. When I think of meat I picture rotting chicken and want to puke. I used to eat meat daily.
  4. Cheese was pretty hard to give up, but now I am repulsed by it. So bizarre. The smell of it is nasty.
  5. I now drink coffee straight(when I drink it)
  6. I have this sense of wellness and thankfulness that comes in my thoughts from time to time
  7. Energy levels have improved especially in the evening. I feel I’m focused when I’m off work and fully awake until bedtime.
  8. June 18th Blood pressure 141/90
  9. July 18th Blood pressure 127/82
  10. A 14 point systolic drop in blood pressure an 8 point drop in diastolic in one month is exciting. Also I’m curious to see if these numbers keep coming down as my body heals from the damage I was doing to it with all the bad stuff I was eating.
  11. I didn’t track my weight, but clothes are fitting looser.
  12. It’s harder to quantify my workouts which are bike rides and running, but I think I’m getting faster. It does feel like my recovery time and soreness have dropped fairly substantially (I am 40 years old after all!)
  13. Shown below is May blood work (Essentially your average fat American)
  14. Cholesterol: 199
  15. LDL 120
  16. HDL 45
  17. Blood Glucose: 98
  18. BMI: 30.4
  19. Triglycerides: 215
  20. Blood pressure: 138/83
  21. I’ll update my blood work in August. Stay tuned.