Whole-Food Plant-Based one year later

I had my vitals taken in May 2018 before going whole-food plant-based. The results of a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet are ASTOUNDING!

  1. I weighed 217 pounds in May of 2018, I now weigh 180 a loss of 37 POUNDS!!!
  2. Total cholesterol was 199 now 111. HEART ATTACK PROOF!!
  3. Triglycerides were 215 now 58, absolutely incredible.
  4. Waist was 40 inches now 33, loss of 7 inches.
  5. BMI 30.3 now 25.1 very close to a healthy weight range.
  6. Blood pressure 138/83 now 144/86. Unfortunately blood pressure was higher and I’ll fix this with food. Two teaspoons of ground flax in the morning and a cup of Hibuscus tea after every meal should do the trick.
Written on May 8, 2019