Value Destroyed

I’ve been pondering the total value of cars’ depreciation since the inception of the automobile. For example, how much value have cars destroyed in aggregate since the beginning of automobile manufacturing. A great example of this is the Bentley Arnage which retailed for over 200k new in 2000, now it can be purchased on Craigslist for 20k. Where does the 180k go? Another great example is a 2000 Mercedes S430 which cost over 75k new. On Craigslist you can find them for 1500-5000. What happened to the 70k? Popular Mechanics does a great job with this article: Popular Mechanics It would be interesting to get a number on electronics companies and how much value they have destroyed as well. Total cell phones purchased minus depreciation would be a very interesting number. Depreciation might not be the accurate description, as most people don’t hold on to old phones. It is almost always an entire loss.

Written on October 15, 2017