Training Consultant

It would be a fun exercise to make a list of companies that offer a week or more of training off site(paid of course). The idea would be to engineer perepetual training where you learn a new company and new city, give notice then move on to the next. In the background you’d be negotiating with the new company, timing it so you would start training after you get back from the former company. If this was a book I would love to read it. You’d get all types of experiences, people, and stories.
I remember my work training vividly as a great time in Minneapolis including two Twins baseball games and city enjoyment. I’d probably never travel to Minneapolis on my own and when you take away the cost of flight and hotel, it allows you to experience things fully. You don’t feel as though you have to “get your money’s worth” from the city.
If you could pull this off, you would have very valuable experience to share with companies as a training consultant. As a bonus you’d get to travel the United States for free one week or two at a time.

Written on July 29, 2019