The Most Important Thing

When I wake up my brain has a plan for me. Today the most important item is to plan my mountain bike ride Sunday. I’m going to Malibu Creek state park and the logistical issue needing planning is…is it too far to ride with my EMB range of approximately 27 miles. So I hop over to Google maps and it is 12 miles each way! Success! By taking the time and planning this ride, I know to go easy on the battery for the first five miles. Luckily it’s almost all downhill, so I’ll stay off electricity until I get to the dirt. After planning this, my brain is very happy and I have an amazing bike ride to look forward to on Sunday. The point is if I allowed distractions to shape my day, I would be focused on something my brain doesn’t want to focus on. Further, if I started my day with news or social media, I’d probably be angry about something that my brain doesn’t care about. What a waste! This is why especially in the morning I limit my distractions to music only. I think music has a positive day shaping quality so I’m almost always rockin’ out! Here’s to the most important thing!

Written on February 7, 2018