Sunday Electric Mountain Bike Ride

Because electric mountain bike is a bit long, it will now be known as EMB. Sunday’s ride was hot, but when you have the ability to 20 MPH quickly air conditioning is readily available. I rode on Deerhill trail and went the uphill route. It was the first time I heard some EMB trash talk, a runner and mountain bike rider were talking on the trail:

Runner “Wow, he came up that hill fast.”

Mountain Biker “yeah, whatever his bike is electric.”

If other people are jealous, I know I’m doing something worthwile. Imagine the first time an automobile owner passed a horse rider the horse rider must have said “Big deal, why would you want to get places quicker when you have a perfectly good horse.” The main point of an EMB is going fast up hills. I’m not sure this feeling of going 20 MPH uphill over rocks and rough terrain ever gets old. You have the new ability to get through a ride much, much faster with a lot less strain on your body. Looking forward to the next ride.

Written on February 5, 2018