Office Kitchen

The universal layout for corporate kitchens is a microwave, two vending machines, sink and a fridge. When did the almighty corporate kitchen designers take away the oven, stove top and cooking appliances? It would be a blast to have a co-worker chopping away and an amazing smell coming from the kitchen. Most office workers leave for lunch or they bring some awful frozen preservative-laden food from the supermarket. Keeping cooking in the workplace would bring workers together and allow workers to save a great amount of money and improve their health. My Grandma was the cook for a bank which is super awesome.
It would be fun to incorporate cooking into the daily work day through classes put on by co-workers. If office workers pooled their resources the results could be very positive through meal sharing, choosing healthier options, and helping others learn to cook. All companies claim they have a great work/life balance but having cooking and food being a bigger part of work would benefit everyone.

Written on January 29, 2019