Cellphone with no data??

I’ve been contemplating ditching my data plan and going talk/text only. I’m on wifi or personal computer 90% of the time and for the small window of time I’m not, I don’t think I’ll miss using data. There were three problems to solve, first was navigation. Thankfully you can download Google Maps for your particular area. I downloaded it last night and then tried directions to Dodger stadium from Moorpark. Success! With data blocked, it loaded up the directions just fine. This could be even better in areas with bad cell reception! The second problem was Runkeeper and my answer was…delete it. I’ll miss it for sure, but do I really need to track hundreds of runs? I’m not some power athlete who needs to measure performance. I’m just some dude who runs 3-4 times a week. The third problem is what do I do when I need Uber/Lyft? I’m thinking of signing up with Tello and in the infrequent times I need a ride, just turn on data do my business, then shut it off. 2 cents a MB!

Written on May 29, 2018