Two things I do to limit technology use

It’s amazing how technology has seeped into our lives. No longer can we ride up an elevator without having to look down at our phones. I think this attention hijacking is doing all kinds of long term damage to our brains, some damage we probably aren’t even aware of yet. Here’s what I do:

  1. Limit my data use to 1GB per month through Republic Wireless. Not only do they have a wonderful desktop texting program, but the service is solid. I find myself wanting to look at my phone but the 1GB limit keeps me in check. I’ve used all of my data once in the last year and running out is a good exercise as most things work on wifi and data isn’t necessary most of the time. I’m contemplating just keeping the text/phone service and adding data if I absolutely need it a certain month, like on vacation or when I’m going to be on the road.
  2. On my phone, I do have Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn(I know.. shocker!!). They are nowhere to be found on the homescreen. I have them in a folder to remove the temptation. This really works. There aren’t any notifications allowed and I find once in a while I use them, and my use is under an hour a week.
Written on August 9, 2019