How to buy a car

Car buying steps:

  1. Log on to Craigslist and select “cars+trucks” in the for sale section
  2. Select “by owner”
  3. On the left hand side check “bundle duplicates”
  4. Enter the model you are looking for
  5. Enter a price minimum of $1200 or $1500 on the price minimum to weed out people who put $1 as the price.
  6. For mileage put 10,000 as the minimum and your target top mileage for the maximum to weed out people who put 1 or 270 for mileage (really meaning 270k!)
  7. If your search yields sufficient results then copy the craigslist link
  8. Head over to IFTTT and copy the link to this Applet: Craigslist email
  9. This should generate a few emails each day with new posts fitting the criterea specified
  10. Contact the sellers generated from this search
  11. Arrange for a test drive
  12. Before meeting the seller log on to: Kelley Blue Book
  13. Enter in the details of the car
  14. When you meet the seller have two prices written down, the “trade-in” value and the good condition private party value
  15. If you like the car after the test drive offer somewhere between “trade-in” and good condition private party value
  16. Continue this process until you find a willing seller.
  17. Make sure to have cash and offer immediately after the test drive
  18. Keep going until you strike a deal with a willing seller
Written on October 17, 2017