Fun with Facebook

There’s been a lot of scandal swirling around Facebook lately. People are outraged at Cambrige Analytica’s work regarding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. It’s definitely creepy as are all the other web companies too. Here is a good quote: “By analyzing only your Facebook “Likes,” your data can be manipulated to predict your fundamental qualities, including your intelligence, personality type, satisfaction with life, gender, age, sexual preference, interests, religion, political views, and relationship status.”I don’t think we are as helpless in online data tracking as everyone(or the news) thinks. Here is what I propose to fix these problems.

  1. Delete Facebook and Twitter off of your phone right now. Simple! While you are are at it, lower your phone’s data plan and save some money.
  2. Go into your Facebook account and have some fun! Change your profile, like off the wall stuff and completely change your identity. If enough people make Facebook’s data worthless, we solve the privacy issues. Who cares if Cambridge Analytica thinks you are into cults and potted plants?! Also this has a bonus effect as clever, targeted marketing will be selling you based on bogus information and likes, removing the temptation to buy stuff. Win! Win! Win!
Written on April 3, 2018