Executive Lunch Personal Training Business Idea

We all know we need to exercise for health benefits, increased energy, and greater quality of life. But for the busy executive, this is nearly impossible. Mornings are possible if you get up REALLY early, but this is hard to stick to. Plus, sleep is VERY important and getting up early could be robbing you of precious sleep, negating some of the benefits of exercise. You could drive to a gym after work, but this is a time suck and hard to keep to this schedule as well. And, people with families don’t want to get home after dinner. Which leaves only one time that is sacred. Lunch is something we do every day and can plan our workouts around. But, changing clothes at your office, driving to a gym, working out, showering, then driving back takes too long and is inefficient at best.
So what do you do?

Executive Lunch Personal Training. We come to your corporate site and train you right there, saving you up to 30 minutes of drive time. Also, you are able to change clothes in our luxuriously appointed spa/shower unit with complete privacy. After you have changed, we walk you through the workout, then you can shower and get back to work right then and there. You have full accountability, great sleep, and be able to spend quality time with your family.

We’re priced at $200/ session billed in advance to encourage attendance and achievement of your fitness goals. Just saving you an hour of time is clearly worth more than $200, and imagine the extra energy, health benefits and overall wellbeing. See you soon!

Written on April 20, 2019