Electric Mountain Bike

I’ve added a 750 watt Bafang motor to a Diamond Back old school mountain bike I got for free, and shocks and a front disk brake. I’ve ridden it twice and both times have reached over 30 MPH! Both times I was laughing like a crazy person, it’s really fun. Climbing in the dirt is a new and insane experience. 20 MPH uphill is addictive. I’m hoping to put in 2-3 rides per week and learn the ins and outs of the electric motor and battery. It’s been a really fun project so far and I plan on adding video on long off road rides. I can go much, much farther because of the superpower electric motor. Now a 30 mile bike ride is a breeze. I’ve had technical difficulties on each ride so hopefully I’ll get in the groove soon. Stay tuned!

The “before” bike

The “after” emb

Written on January 27, 2018