Are gyms good?

I have this ongoing debate in my head about gyms. On one hand gyms are good because they provide motivation and community. I’ve met very cool people at gyms and developed friendships. On the other hand you are stuck inside. Running on a treadmill is BRUTAL. Lifting in a room with sweaty dudes really sucks.

When you go to a gym you are ignoring the outside. When I go on a trail run I get the vibrancy of nature, my thoughts run wild and the smells and excitement propel me forward. When you are outside there are limitless varieties of workouts. There isn’t cost when you are outside and you can plan workouts to accomplish many different objectives. I think acclimating to the weather helps other areas as well. It’s not that bad when it’s 90 degrees out when you have already done a hard run in the heat. I think you get better tolerating heat or cold when you are constantly working out in nature.

Would the world be a better place without gyms? Maybe. Might be time to get the gyms outdoors!

Written on September 12, 2018