401k Fun

If you work for a company and have a 401k account you have a fantastic learning tool at your disposal for financial markets education. Because you typically contribute to the markets twice a month there is little risk in learning how the markets behave. Specifically, you are able to move funds from equity to bond funds, have a market outlook and direct new money to where you see the best performance. As your funds accumulate there is a universal truth you will discover: “Your money is capable of working much harder than you are.” Make some trades in your 401k account, adjust the asset allocation and learn from it. There are big dips in financial markets fairly often and buying at the lower price or contributing more when things are down can really improve your returns. The biggest benefit is the education provided so when you retire you won’t be scared when the market dips 5-10%; you’ll be educated over a number of years and market cycles. I shudder to think of people retiring 2005-2007 with a large 401k account, freaking out in 2009-2010 selling it all and washing their hands of the stock market.

Written on March 1, 2018