How to buy a car

Car buying steps:

  1. Log on to Craigslist and select “cars+trucks” in the for sale section
  2. Select “by owner”
  3. On the left hand side check “bundle duplicates”
  4. Enter the model you are looking for
  5. Enter a price minimum of $1200 or $1500 on the price minimum to weed out people who put $1 as the price.
  6. For mileage put 10,000 as the minimum and your target top mileage for the maximum to weed out people who put 1 or 270 for mileage (really meaning 270k!)
  7. If your search yields sufficient results then copy the craigslist link
  8. Head over to IFTTT and copy the link to this Applet: Craigslist email
  9. This should generate a few emails each day with new posts fitting the criterea specified
  10. Contact the sellers generated from this search
  11. Arrange for a test drive
  12. Before meeting the seller log on to: Kelley Blue Book
  13. Enter in the details of the car
  14. When you meet the seller have two prices written down, the “trade-in” value and the good condition private party value
  15. If you like the car after the test drive offer somewhere between “trade-in” and good condition private party value
  16. Continue this process until you find a willing seller.
  17. Make sure to have cash and offer immediately after the test drive
  18. Keep going until you strike a deal with a willing seller

Value Destroyed

I’ve been pondering the total value of cars’ depreciation since the inception of the automobile. For example, how much value have cars destroyed in aggregate since the beginning of automobile manufacturing. A great example of this is the Bentley Arnage which retailed for over 200k new in 2000, now it can be purchased on Craigslist for 20k. Where does the 180k go? Another great example is a 2000 Mercedes S430 which cost over 75k new. On Craigslist you can find them for 1500-5000. What happened to the 70k? Popular Mechanics does a great job with this article: Popular Mechanics It would be interesting to get a number on electronics companies and how much value they have destroyed as well. Total cell phones purchased minus depreciation would be a very interesting number. Depreciation might not be the accurate description, as most people don’t hold on to old phones. It is almost always an entire loss.

Angel vs. Crowdfunding

As a crowdfunder investor, what type of access do you have to the founders of your investment? Can you use the same ideas Jason Calacanis recommended to gain access to founders through non-accredited methods? If so, this is a big deal and could be a great way to develop Angel investing.

Relative comfort of an Airplane

It’s crazy to think I can be in Denver 1000 miles from California by this evening with little discomfort. In fact, I’ll be served little airplane cocktails and get to enjoy the latest by Jason Calacanis “Angel”. What a great era we live in!

Jason Calacanis

Heard Jason Calacanis speak last night at ToolBoxLa. He was very honest and had excellent advice for the three people who pitched him new ideas. I recommend seeing him speak if you ever get the chance. Also, I’m very excited to get started on his new book

Last Dodger game of the year

Excited to see Clayton Kershaw one last time this year as a family. We have this tradition where I give each daughter $20 at Trader Joe’s and they buy whatever they want. Ruby bought a whole loaf of bread last time!!


I’m getting married! Really excited to start my journey with Tatiana! Should be a blast. We’ve been together for 5 years and I’m extremely happy. Here’s to November 4th!

Run Club Update

I’ve stuck with the program and had one of the best runs of my life. I was able to run 2.4 miles without walking! I’ve never even come close to that before. Also I am starting to understand why people run and the mental benefits of it. Ryan Holiday has a great article below:

Run Club

I’ve decided to run a 10k this year. Running is difficult for me and I”m looking forward to this challenge. This is the first run of the year for me. I’ll track the progress on my blog. Click the post for the times and how far I ran.

Scheduling trips

One big item I learned in 2016 was to schedule my trips in advance. I definitely didn’t do this last year and went nowhere! I subscribe to Tim Ferriss’s advice of 90% of the benefit of planning trips ahead is the anticipation. I’m looking forward to Launch festival April 6th and 7th in San Francisco, a Cal Poly reunion trip May 5-7th, and need to plan a biking and road trip for the summer. Excited. Some other fun stuff is in the works too..

Fed Meeting...rates up or down?

The Federal Reserve is finishing up its two day meeting today and is widely expected to raise the discount rate by .25%. The bigger implications are where rates are going after the announcement. The 10 year treasury in the United States is up .57% since the election which is an huge move. I have a feeling the trades have already been made ahead of time and barring some crazy Fed language we’ll see yields calm down a bit.
I have a hard time believing Donald Trump is so “inflationary” and it seems more like a trade is being made.
The short interest in the 10 year has hit it’s high for the year and I imagine some traders might get caught today. It’ll be interesting to see.

More coding

I am enjoying this way to blog using Jekyll. It is interesting and I need a bit of work to get the structure and organization down. Once that is figured out, I’m loving the speed and simplicity of static websites!

What I'm doing now

I’m riding my road bike twice a week, diving deep into audio books and podcasts, and originating loans. Also, I enjoy coding in my spare time. **Update** Created a new mountain bike, less audio books and podcasts, still doing loans!