That Little Voice

I went for a run at 9:50PM last night. After the first few steps the little voice appeared in my head. “Why don’t you just turn around and get some much needed sleep?” “It’s no big deal, you can blow it off.” The little voice was extremely pursuasive and I didn’t think I was going to make it. I kept going and it quieted down. I was still really tired and was thinking of scrapping the whole thing. Then, the voice disappeared altogether. Despite lack of sleep and a long week after a few miles I was alive! I couldnt’ believe it. Just getting going for a few miles shed all the baggage of the entire week! For me getting over the initial resistance is the key to staying with my workouts. The tricky part is you don’t know how long the little voice is going to last. The only way to find this out is to simply get started and to fight that little voice with everything you have.

Cheap vs. Expensive Time

Morning time is expensive. It goes by quickly and no matter how much you estimate, the thing you are working on seems to take longer. I love cheap wonderful evening time. I love filling up the car with gas, going on a run, reading and other activities that could potentially take a long time. In the evening, the pressure isn’t there and you can enjoy activities rather than having to rush through them. I intentionally try to have minimal items in the morning as a buffer against things that could come up. Even then it seems like I’m rushing and the time goes by so fast!

NFC Hacked

It’s not a matter of if, but when. Banks regularly get hacked and spend untold billions of dollars and man-hours preventing hackers. Tech companies haven’t had to do this. Sure a virus or security issue pops up, but tech companies have never been in charge of consumers’ cards and money until now. It’s one thing to lose your email password, entirely another thing to not have money to buy food!

Both Apple and Google have millions of credit card numbers. Hackers could infiltrate where the cards are stored and steal the information that way. NFC hasn’t been hacked of yet (Google did have a wallet issue a few years back they quickly fixed) and the scary part is how the hackers will gain access through NFC. Drive-by, and “spoofing” seem to be the consesus on how to hack NFC, but I bet there is a vulnerability which we aren’t aware of yet! Definitely be interesting to see how sending credit card information through radio frequencies plays out.

Two things I do to limit technology use

It’s amazing how technology has seeped into our lives. No longer can we ride up an elevator without having to look down at our phones. I think this attention hijacking is doing all kinds of long term damage to our brains, some damage we probably aren’t even aware of yet. Here’s what I do:

  1. Limit my data use to 1GB per month through Republic Wireless. Not only do they have a wonderful desktop texting program, but the service is solid. I find myself wanting to look at my phone but the 1GB limit keeps me in check. I’ve used all of my data once in the last year and running out is a good exercise as most things work on wifi and data isn’t necessary most of the time. I’m contemplating just keeping the text/phone service and adding data if I absolutely need it a certain month, like on vacation or when I’m going to be on the road.
  2. On my phone, I do have Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn(I know.. shocker!!). They are nowhere to be found on the homescreen. I have them in a folder to remove the temptation. This really works. There aren’t any notifications allowed and I find once in a while I use them, and my use is under an hour a week.

Training Consultant

It would be a fun exercise to make a list of companies that offer a week or more of training off site(paid of course). The idea would be to engineer perepetual training where you learn a new company and new city, give notice then move on to the next. In the background you’d be negotiating with the new company, timing it so you would start training after you get back from the former company. If this was a book I would love to read it. You’d get all types of experiences, people, and stories.
I remember my work training vividly as a great time in Minneapolis including two Twins baseball games and city enjoyment. I’d probably never travel to Minneapolis on my own and when you take away the cost of flight and hotel, it allows you to experience things fully. You don’t feel as though you have to “get your money’s worth” from the city.
If you could pull this off, you would have very valuable experience to share with companies as a training consultant. As a bonus you’d get to travel the United States for free one week or two at a time.

Whole-Food Plant-Based one year later

I had my vitals taken in May 2018 before going whole-food plant-based. The results of a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet are ASTOUNDING!

  1. I weighed 217 pounds in May of 2018, I now weigh 180 a loss of 37 POUNDS!!!
  2. Total cholesterol was 199 now 111. HEART ATTACK PROOF!!
  3. Triglycerides were 215 now 58, absolutely incredible.
  4. Waist was 40 inches now 33, loss of 7 inches.
  5. BMI 30.3 now 25.1 very close to a healthy weight range.
  6. Blood pressure 138/83 now 144/86. Unfortunately blood pressure was higher and I’ll fix this with food. Two teaspoons of ground flax in the morning and a cup of Hibuscus tea after every meal should do the trick.

Robin Arzon

Robin is such a badass! Two Great quotes from her NYT article:

“Nothing keeps you raw like picking up heavy things.”

“Work out. Pro athletes don’t only work out during a game. I train like a pro to be able to teach.”

VR Moviemaking

This article by Kevin Kelly blew me away this morning. Best quote is “All the world becomes a stage, one that you can’t tell is not the real world.” VR has huge implications as costs come down location will no longer be a variable in filming movies. We won’t be limited to earth, it’ll be what we can dream up in our animation.

Whole Food Plant Based to treat common illness?

This last weekend I went for a run Saturday and felt a little off. As soon as I got home, my glands were swelling and I felt HORRIBLE. Head cold that hit me like a Mack Truck. As I am whole-food plant-based I wondered if there were certain foods that would help my ailment. My typical routine with a head cold is to take Tylenol or Nyquil/Dayquil and rest as much as possible. I thought to myself it probably isn’t that good to be drinking alcohol with the Nyquil, and Tylenol probably isn’t that good for healing a cold. I went on and searched common cold food remedies. Lo and behold, Kiwi fruit has been shown in tests to reduce the severity and duration of the common cold. I read on Medical Medium garlic is a great healer as well. So I mashed up some garlic in a sweet potato and had some and went to the store and bought some organic Kiwis. On Sunday night I had my first Kiwi in the evening. After I ate it, I immediately felt better. Monday rolled around and I was still pretty sick. By the end of the day after eating two more Kiwis, I felt pretty good. I slept great without any cold medicine and felt decent Tuesday. I think the Kiwis really had an impact. The other variable I changed is usually I rest when I’m sick. This time I lifted weights on Monday and went running Tuesday. Not sure if that sped the recovery, but that could have had an impact as well.

The implications of this experiment are really exciting. I cut probably two to three days off my typical cold suffering, and didn’t miss any workouts! All because of the power of food.

Executive Lunch Personal Training Business Idea

We all know we need to exercise for health benefits, increased energy, and greater quality of life. But for the busy executive, this is nearly impossible. Mornings are possible if you get up REALLY early, but this is hard to stick to. Plus, sleep is VERY important and getting up early could be robbing you of precious sleep, negating some of the benefits of exercise. You could drive to a gym after work, but this is a time suck and hard to keep to this schedule as well. And, people with families don’t want to get home after dinner. Which leaves only one time that is sacred. Lunch is something we do every day and can plan our workouts around. But, changing clothes at your office, driving to a gym, working out, showering, then driving back takes too long and is inefficient at best.
So what do you do?

Executive Lunch Personal Training. We come to your corporate site and train you right there, saving you up to 30 minutes of drive time. Also, you are able to change clothes in our luxuriously appointed spa/shower unit with complete privacy. After you have changed, we walk you through the workout, then you can shower and get back to work right then and there. You have full accountability, great sleep, and be able to spend quality time with your family.

We’re priced at $200/ session billed in advance to encourage attendance and achievement of your fitness goals. Just saving you an hour of time is clearly worth more than $200, and imagine the extra energy, health benefits and overall wellbeing. See you soon!

Chipotle Hack

It’s late and you forgot your wallet and have some change rattling around in your pocket. You are STARVING and near a Chipotle.
While you would love a burrito you don’t have the funds. Here’s what you do. Order a burrito with just black(or pinto beans). Chipotle treats this order as a side and charges you $1. Ask for a second tortilla for the burrito. Now you have a fairly large burrito full of healthy black beans and two tortillas for $1! This is vegatarian/vegan approved as well. What a great way to eat frugally!

Office Kitchen

The universal layout for corporate kitchens is a microwave, two vending machines, sink and a fridge. When did the almighty corporate kitchen designers take away the oven, stove top and cooking appliances? It would be a blast to have a co-worker chopping away and an amazing smell coming from the kitchen. Most office workers leave for lunch or they bring some awful frozen preservative-laden food from the supermarket. Keeping cooking in the workplace would bring workers together and allow workers to save a great amount of money and improve their health. My Grandma was the cook for a bank which is super awesome.
It would be fun to incorporate cooking into the daily work day through classes put on by co-workers. If office workers pooled their resources the results could be very positive through meal sharing, choosing healthier options, and helping others learn to cook. All companies claim they have a great work/life balance but having cooking and food being a bigger part of work would benefit everyone.

New Friend Filter

I’ve moved to a new area and am looking for friends. With my recent changes I’m looking for:

  1. Vegan and whole food plant-pased.
  2. Loves bike riding.
  3. Hates Cars/commuting.
  4. Is obsessed with saving money and finding the best deals.
  5. Minamalist.
  6. Enjoys cooking.
  7. Health focused.
  8. All about adventure.
    I realize this is a very, very small group of people. Let’s GO!

Time for more failure?

I was listening to The Armchair Expert with Dax Shephard interviewing Seth Meyers and something he said really grabbed me. The best of the best at SNL each week would average three out of ten funny skits in pitching for Saturday Night Live. The funniest people in the country would fail seven out of ten times every week in trying to write a funny script. Massive failure is the only path to massive success. Time to fail more.


Sunday October 21st, I completed the same 26.2 mile journey Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of a military victory against the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. I can relate how he dropped dead delivering the news. A marathon is no joke. The morning was absolutely perfect temperature without wind with the sunrise lighting up the mountains of Ojai, CA. I cruised through the first half without stopping, running a 9:18 minute mile pace. It felt fantastic. The pain started to kick in around mile 15. I started to walk a bit to catch a breather. Then, shooting lower back pain and the intense desire to sit down. I felt I needed to lie down immediately after the back pain. After that, brutal pain in my left knee. I’ve never felt anyting like this before. I shuffled, walked, shuffled until about mile 25. It was quite painful to walk the remainder of the race. On the last mile, I had a second wind and was able to run to finish up the race. It took me 5 hours and 30 minutes to complete it. Here are a few takeaways:

  1. I have a newfound respect for Marathon finishers and an even higher respect for ultra runners.
  2. It takes a long, long time to prepare for a marathon and beyond.
  3. For now I’m definitely in the “One and done” category but this could potentially change.
  4. My favorite distance is the half marathon and I will focus on this distance for future runs.
  5. I can cross this off my bucket list
  6. Endurance events draw very interesting and cool people.
  7. I’m proud of myself as I’m in a category that less than 1% of Americans fall into.
  8. Definitely more of a fan of trail races for the future and bike rides.

Destination Workouts

I’ve been experimenting with destination workouts. For example, I need to be at the bus to make it to work at 7:25AM. This means I need to leave my house at 6:40AM and run fairly hard to make it on time. If I don’t run hard I miss the bus, which is very motivating. There are mornings where I don’t feel that great and the destination workout is the perfect recipe to fix my sluggishness. I fight myself for a bit, but then get into a rythm and then feel ALIVE.

Are gyms good?

I have this ongoing debate in my head about gyms. On one hand gyms are good because they provide motivation and community. I’ve met very cool people at gyms and developed friendships. On the other hand you are stuck inside. Running on a treadmill is BRUTAL. Lifting in a room with sweaty dudes really sucks.

When you go to a gym you are ignoring the outside. When I go on a trail run I get the vibrancy of nature, my thoughts run wild and the smells and excitement propel me forward. When you are outside there are limitless varieties of workouts. There isn’t cost when you are outside and you can plan workouts to accomplish many different objectives. I think acclimating to the weather helps other areas as well. It’s not that bad when it’s 90 degrees out when you have already done a hard run in the heat. I think you get better tolerating heat or cold when you are constantly working out in nature.

Would the world be a better place without gyms? Maybe. Might be time to get the gyms outdoors!

Whole food plant-based diet

It’s been a month since I switched to a whole food plant-based diet. It’s been very interesting. A few observations

  1. I went a day without coffee on a Sunday. I haven’t gone a day without coffee EVER. This is crazy.
  2. Sometimes I crave wine or beer. These cravings really subsided. It’s weird. Now I have a hard time finishing a glass of wine. My coffee sits on my desk and I rarely finish it. I’ll be at the store and a 6 pack of beer repulses me.
  3. When I think of meat I picture rotting chicken and want to puke. I used to eat meat daily.
  4. Cheese was pretty hard to give up, but now I am repulsed by it. So bizarre. The smell of it is nasty.
  5. I now drink coffee straight(when I drink it)
  6. I have this sense of wellness and thankfulness that comes in my thoughts from time to time
  7. Energy levels have improved especially in the evening. I feel I’m focused when I’m off work and fully awake until bedtime.
  8. June 18th Blood pressure 141/90
  9. July 18th Blood pressure 127/82
  10. A 14 point systolic drop in blood pressure an 8 point drop in diastolic in one month is exciting. Also I’m curious to see if these numbers keep coming down as my body heals from the damage I was doing to it with all the bad stuff I was eating.
  11. I didn’t track my weight, but clothes are fitting looser.
  12. It’s harder to quantify my workouts which are bike rides and running, but I think I’m getting faster. It does feel like my recovery time and soreness have dropped fairly substantially (I am 40 years old after all!)
  13. Shown below is May blood work (Essentially your average fat American)
  14. Cholesterol: 199
  15. LDL 120
  16. HDL 45
  17. Blood Glucose: 98
  18. BMI: 30.4
  19. Triglycerides: 215
  20. Blood pressure: 138/83
  21. I’ll update my blood work in August. Stay tuned.


I love the state where my mind is buzzing with ideas and I am in a great mood. I am able to get into this state with caffeine and a light breakfast and a bike ride. Other ways to get there are caffeine and walking with headphones on, or sometimes a light run will do the trick. Driving a car almost always seems to nullify buzzing as I am constantly distracted and sometimes downright frightened by the other drivers.

Getting Closer

The Federal Reserve raised the discount rate .25 point yesterday and signaled two more rate hikes are coming by the end of the year. The yield curve is getting really close to inverted which is one of the best indicators of recession or big drop in the stock market. The tricky part is it could take a LONG TIME for the market to drop. I remember things seemed crazy high in 2006 and absurd in 2007, but it took all the way until 2008 in September for the big drops in the market and finally the bottom in March 2009. So…what’s the move from here? Here’s my best guess…keep money in the market and continue to add to it. Know and be ready that asset prices will be dropping in the next three years and this is where your bonds will be useful to bring our asset allocation back to even. Also, get ready to turn the 401k contribution knob up when values start dropping. And at the end of the year, and not before, take your bonds and buy some of the lower priced stocks. Keep your money in the market and continue to add and you will recover so much faster. The big drop is coming but no one knows when. Here is a great article a year ago from Mr. Money Mustache Great News: There’s Another Recession Coming

Cellphone with no data??

I’ve been contemplating ditching my data plan and going talk/text only. I’m on wifi or personal computer 90% of the time and for the small window of time I’m not, I don’t think I’ll miss using data. There were three problems to solve, first was navigation. Thankfully you can download Google Maps for your particular area. I downloaded it last night and then tried directions to Dodger stadium from Moorpark. Success! With data blocked, it loaded up the directions just fine. This could be even better in areas with bad cell reception! The second problem was Runkeeper and my answer was…delete it. I’ll miss it for sure, but do I really need to track hundreds of runs? I’m not some power athlete who needs to measure performance. I’m just some dude who runs 3-4 times a week. The third problem is what do I do when I need Uber/Lyft? I’m thinking of signing up with Tello and in the infrequent times I need a ride, just turn on data do my business, then shut it off. 2 cents a MB!

Facebook tax

As the tech companies of Silicone Valley are doing everything in their power to engineer addicting products, I propose a tax. If cigarettes are addicting and taxed, we should impose a tax on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc because they are addicting. As I see some of the insidious things the tech companies are doing to my children (snapchat streaks) and how Facebook is using everything about our data to mine for evil purposes, I think we should have some benefits as a society. It’s time for the Tech companies to do some good in the world. How nice does a “Social Media Tax” sound? I would love it. Get to work representatives! Looks like Marc Benioff agrees (link)

The Bubble is Here

I’m getting concerned with the move in home values the last two years. Yes, the economy is doing well yes unemployment is low, but I have an eerie feeling that we’re back in speculative mode as a country. It feels similar to the year before the Bear Stearns hedge funds blew up. The bitcoin runup and the stock market runup are all starting to defy logic. It’s probably way too early, but things are starting to feel as if they are going up too fast for no particular reason(other than speculation!). Maybe I’m just getting old and conservative, but I think some sort of correction is coming around the corner. The scary part is that it is never what is forecast, it’s almost always out of left field. There are a few things of concern right now:

  1. The yield curve is getting really close to being inverted which has always resulted in a recession
  2. The S&P 500 has been positive the last 9 years in a row
  3. Real estate has gone up the last 5-6 years in a row depending on the market which is typically the average numbers of years in a cycle
  4. Bitcoin and FANG are getting really crowded.

Fun with Facebook

There’s been a lot of scandal swirling around Facebook lately. People are outraged at Cambrige Analytica’s work regarding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. It’s definitely creepy as are all the other web companies too. Here is a good quote: “By analyzing only your Facebook “Likes,” your data can be manipulated to predict your fundamental qualities, including your intelligence, personality type, satisfaction with life, gender, age, sexual preference, interests, religion, political views, and relationship status.”I don’t think we are as helpless in online data tracking as everyone(or the news) thinks. Here is what I propose to fix these problems.

  1. Delete Facebook and Twitter off of your phone right now. Simple! While you are are at it, lower your phone’s data plan and save some money.
  2. Go into your Facebook account and have some fun! Change your profile, like off the wall stuff and completely change your identity. If enough people make Facebook’s data worthless, we solve the privacy issues. Who cares if Cambridge Analytica thinks you are into cults and potted plants?! Also this has a bonus effect as clever, targeted marketing will be selling you based on bogus information and likes, removing the temptation to buy stuff. Win! Win! Win!

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

My wonderful wife and I thought it would be a fun project to visit the places Jerry Seinfeld went with his guest on the show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. First one checked off the list is House of Pies in Los Angeles with Kristen Wiig. The apple pie was the best I’ve ever tasted and the place was located in a very hip neighborhood near Los Feliz. Thank you Jerry! pies

401k Fun

If you work for a company and have a 401k account you have a fantastic learning tool at your disposal for financial markets education. Because you typically contribute to the markets twice a month there is little risk in learning how the markets behave. Specifically, you are able to move funds from equity to bond funds, have a market outlook and direct new money to where you see the best performance. As your funds accumulate there is a universal truth you will discover: “Your money is capable of working much harder than you are.” Make some trades in your 401k account, adjust the asset allocation and learn from it. There are big dips in financial markets fairly often and buying at the lower price or contributing more when things are down can really improve your returns. The biggest benefit is the education provided so when you retire you won’t be scared when the market dips 5-10%; you’ll be educated over a number of years and market cycles. I shudder to think of people retiring 2005-2007 with a large 401k account, freaking out in 2009-2010 selling it all and washing their hands of the stock market.

Rustic Canyon EMB Ride

On my lunch break I took the EMB to Rustic Canyon golf course which is about a mile away from my work. There is a fantastic dirt path that goes deep into the canyon. My front tire was low on air when I started, so I was a bit nervous as I went close to five miles deep in the canyon. The ride is very sandy at points and the electric motor just dominates the sand. I should upgrade my tires to some with more bite and puncture resistance. The tires held up and the weather was just perfect, nice and cool with some killer clouds. I’ll probably ride this on Thursday with an additional tube and air just in case. It would be fun to see how far the road goes back.
path cloud

EMB Ride Five

Sunday February 11th I went to Malibu Creek for EMB ride five. Weather was georgeous and with electricity I was able to go to the M.A.S.H. site and well beyond. I finished the ride through Paramount Ranch at extreme high speeds. To say this was fun is a huge understatement. I climbed a 9% grade hill with ease laughing the entire time. After the ride I had my Dad try my EMB. He loved it. I’m on a mission to get everyone into electric bikes. malibou malibu paramount

The Most Important Thing

When I wake up my brain has a plan for me. Today the most important item is to plan my mountain bike ride Sunday. I’m going to Malibu Creek state park and the logistical issue needing planning is…is it too far to ride with my EMB range of approximately 27 miles. So I hop over to Google maps and it is 12 miles each way! Success! By taking the time and planning this ride, I know to go easy on the battery for the first five miles. Luckily it’s almost all downhill, so I’ll stay off electricity until I get to the dirt. After planning this, my brain is very happy and I have an amazing bike ride to look forward to on Sunday. The point is if I allowed distractions to shape my day, I would be focused on something my brain doesn’t want to focus on. Further, if I started my day with news or social media, I’d probably be angry about something that my brain doesn’t care about. What a waste! This is why especially in the morning I limit my distractions to music only. I think music has a positive day shaping quality so I’m almost always rockin’ out! Here’s to the most important thing!

Giving Blood

I’ve been giving blood for few years now. I do it because it lowers my blood pressure and the fantastic feeling I receive by helping others. I can literally feel the additional energy the next day and into the next week. I highly recommend giving blood as blood leaving your body makes you feel appreciation for life. Life is a gift and this is a unique way to enjoy it. So get out there and give some blood!

Sunday Electric Mountain Bike Ride

Because electric mountain bike is a bit long, it will now be known as EMB. Sunday’s ride was hot, but when you have the ability to 20 MPH quickly air conditioning is readily available. I rode on Deerhill trail and went the uphill route. It was the first time I heard some EMB trash talk, a runner and mountain bike rider were talking on the trail:

Runner “Wow, he came up that hill fast.”

Mountain Biker “yeah, whatever his bike is electric.”

If other people are jealous, I know I’m doing something worthwile. Imagine the first time an automobile owner passed a horse rider the horse rider must have said “Big deal, why would you want to get places quicker when you have a perfectly good horse.” The main point of an EMB is going fast up hills. I’m not sure this feeling of going 20 MPH uphill over rocks and rough terrain ever gets old. You have the new ability to get through a ride much, much faster with a lot less strain on your body. Looking forward to the next ride.

Electronic Music Group Training

I’m a big fan of electronic music. Imagine a church bus with really loud electronic music and people screaming to a destination workout. With the right crowd the energy would be unstoppable. It could be a weekly Saturday or Sunday event. A crazy host who whips everyone up into a frenzy on the way to the mountains would be required. The contrast of high energy vs. the serenity of the mountains would fuel amazing workouts. It could feature runs in the mountains, or outdoor weightlifting like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his early days. If this exists, please let me know, otherwise I’m going to create it.

P.S. I’d be the host

Top Ten

I’ve been reducing my book count lately. It’s a hard excercise because I have so many amazing books. The goal is ten top books. Ten books that will dazzle and delight my guests and friends. Some of the front runners are:

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  2. Cool Tools by Kevin Kelly
  3. Win Bigly by Scott Adams
  4. How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams
  5. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
  6. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson
  7. Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman by Richard Feynman

Jay Leno has a flip phone

I was watching Comedians in Cars getting Coffee and the other night and Jay Leno was the guest Jerry Seinfeld was interviewing. Jay Leno has a net worth of 200 million and 200 cars worth approximately 50 million and one thing really jumped out at me. Jay Leno has a flip phone! And this got me thinking, Jay Leno comedian extrodianaire, classic car collector and incredibly hard worker managing to get by with just a flip phone. Maybe, just maybe it’s the lack of smartphone keeping him sharp and working hard. Limit the distraction, improve your life?
Maybe, it’s time to be different?

Inbox Zero 2018

I’ve been thinking alot about my gmail account. I’ve given Google permission to search all of my data in order to market to me.
This is a huge invasion of privacy I’ve blindly agreed to. To remedy this I’ve deleted all emails from my gmail account. It took approximately a week, but there were many emails with my personal information! Driver’s license, W2’s all kinds of things very easy to steal. Now I have a clean slate and a whole new philosophy on email. Email is for short communications, not storage. Storage will be searched and marketed to. Also, if(when) there is a data hack, I’ll be clean vs. the millions of people who store their personal information on email. What a great exercise to do every year to find things you might need to follow up on.

Sunday Electric Mountain Bike Ride

Wow, what a blast, ride three is in the books! Dropping just two gears allows you to climb anything. The feeling of jamming up a fire road at 20 MPH is incredible. Passing serious road bikers on the streets has it’s own laugh factor too. Next up is to bring the bike to work, go deep into a trail by the golf course and see how far I can get in my hour and a half scheduled lunch!

Electric Mountain Bike

I’ve added a 750 watt Bafang motor to a Diamond Back old school mountain bike I got for free, and shocks and a front disk brake. I’ve ridden it twice and both times have reached over 30 MPH! Both times I was laughing like a crazy person, it’s really fun. Climbing in the dirt is a new and insane experience. 20 MPH uphill is addictive. I’m hoping to put in 2-3 rides per week and learn the ins and outs of the electric motor and battery. It’s been a really fun project so far and I plan on adding video on long off road rides. I can go much, much farther because of the superpower electric motor. Now a 30 mile bike ride is a breeze. I’ve had technical difficulties on each ride so hopefully I’ll get in the groove soon. Stay tuned!

The “before” bike

The “after” emb


I’m contemplating picking up a project car for motivation. Some ideas I’m kicking around are:

  1. 1996-2001 Jeep Cherokee 4 door with some decent tires and a lift kit Jeep
  2. 2005 or newer Chevy cargo van with a full bed in the back and insulated.
  3. Chevy police interceptor cop car
  4. A big beautiful Ford Country Squire station wagon 1975-1980

How to buy a car

Car buying steps:

  1. Log on to Craigslist and select “cars+trucks” in the for sale section
  2. Select “by owner”
  3. On the left hand side check “bundle duplicates”
  4. Enter the model you are looking for
  5. Enter a price minimum of $1200 or $1500 on the price minimum to weed out people who put $1 as the price.
  6. For mileage put 10,000 as the minimum and your target top mileage for the maximum to weed out people who put 1 or 270 for mileage (really meaning 270k!)
  7. If your search yields sufficient results then copy the craigslist link
  8. Head over to IFTTT and copy the link to this Applet: Craigslist email
  9. This should generate a few emails each day with new posts fitting the criterea specified
  10. Contact the sellers generated from this search
  11. Arrange for a test drive
  12. Before meeting the seller log on to: Kelley Blue Book
  13. Enter in the details of the car
  14. When you meet the seller have two prices written down, the “trade-in” value and the good condition private party value
  15. If you like the car after the test drive offer somewhere between “trade-in” and good condition private party value
  16. Continue this process until you find a willing seller.
  17. Make sure to have cash and offer immediately after the test drive
  18. Keep going until you strike a deal with a willing seller

Value Destroyed

I’ve been pondering the total value of cars’ depreciation since the inception of the automobile. For example, how much value have cars destroyed in aggregate since the beginning of automobile manufacturing. A great example of this is the Bentley Arnage which retailed for over 200k new in 2000, now it can be purchased on Craigslist for 20k. Where does the 180k go? Another great example is a 2000 Mercedes S430 which cost over 75k new. On Craigslist you can find them for 1500-5000. What happened to the 70k? Popular Mechanics does a great job with this article: Popular Mechanics It would be interesting to get a number on electronics companies and how much value they have destroyed as well. Total cell phones purchased minus depreciation would be a very interesting number. Depreciation might not be the accurate description, as most people don’t hold on to old phones. It is almost always an entire loss.

Angel vs. Crowdfunding

As a crowdfunder investor, what type of access do you have to the founders of your investment? Can you use the same ideas Jason Calacanis recommended to gain access to founders through non-accredited methods? If so, this is a big deal and could be a great way to develop Angel investing.

Relative comfort of an Airplane

It’s crazy to think I can be in Denver 1000 miles from California by this evening with little discomfort. In fact, I’ll be served little airplane cocktails and get to enjoy the latest by Jason Calacanis “Angel”. What a great era we live in!

Jason Calacanis

Heard Jason Calacanis speak last night at ToolBoxLa. He was very honest and had excellent advice for the three people who pitched him new ideas. I recommend seeing him speak if you ever get the chance. Also, I’m very excited to get started on his new book

Last Dodger game of the year

Excited to see Clayton Kershaw one last time this year as a family. We have this tradition where I give each daughter $20 at Trader Joe’s and they buy whatever they want. Ruby bought a whole loaf of bread last time!!


I’m getting married! Really excited to start my journey with Tatiana! Should be a blast. We’ve been together for 5 years and I’m extremely happy. Here’s to November 4th!

Run Club Update

I’ve stuck with the program and had one of the best runs of my life. I was able to run 2.4 miles without walking! I’ve never even come close to that before. Also I am starting to understand why people run and the mental benefits of it. Ryan Holiday has a great article below:

Run Club

I’ve decided to run a 10k this year. Running is difficult for me and I”m looking forward to this challenge. This is the first run of the year for me. I’ll track the progress on my blog. Click the post for the times and how far I ran.

Scheduling trips

One big item I learned in 2016 was to schedule my trips in advance. I definitely didn’t do this last year and went nowhere! I subscribe to Tim Ferriss’s advice of 90% of the benefit of planning trips ahead is the anticipation. I’m looking forward to Launch festival April 6th and 7th in San Francisco, a Cal Poly reunion trip May 5-7th, and need to plan a biking and road trip for the summer. Excited. Some other fun stuff is in the works too..

Fed Meeting...rates up or down?

The Federal Reserve is finishing up its two day meeting today and is widely expected to raise the discount rate by .25%. The bigger implications are where rates are going after the announcement. The 10 year treasury in the United States is up .57% since the election which is an huge move. I have a feeling the trades have already been made ahead of time and barring some crazy Fed language we’ll see yields calm down a bit.
I have a hard time believing Donald Trump is so “inflationary” and it seems more like a trade is being made.
The short interest in the 10 year has hit it’s high for the year and I imagine some traders might get caught today. It’ll be interesting to see.

More coding

I am enjoying this way to blog using Jekyll. It is interesting and I need a bit of work to get the structure and organization down. Once that is figured out, I’m loving the speed and simplicity of static websites!

What I'm doing now

I’m riding my road bike twice a week, diving deep into audio books and podcasts, and originating loans. Also, I enjoy coding in my spare time. **Update** Created a new mountain bike, less audio books and podcasts, still doing loans!